Car Seat organizer

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your car getting messy?

Use all the available space in your car!

This gives you extra storage room and extra cupholder!

Does it get any better?


Get use out of all the space in your car!

Makes it easier to keep your car organized and clean!

Fits perfectly between the seat of almost any car!

The design

Perfectly designed to fit between the seat and the center console.

Designed with multiple pockets, cupholders and a coin holder.

Our Guarantee!

we belive in making our costumers as happy as possible

 thats why you can always contact our costumer support if you have any questions.

We will give you a 100% refund if you receives a product that is broken or damaged!

Type: Seat Crevice Storage Box / Bag
Material Type: leather and oxford cloth
Brand Name: CATUO
Type: for driver seat, for co-driver seat
Size: 260x260x60mm